Nathan and Sundeep set up OES way back in 2010. It was a brave move. The two highly experienced professionals launched a consulting civil and structural engineering design company just months after the UK came out of its worst recession in the last hundred years.

New companies are, more often than not, borne out of two things –

a) That the way other companies do things isn’t as good as they could be, and
b) That, if clients and customers experienced the right way, they’d come back again and again.

Those same two beliefs drove Sundeep and Nathan. Since then, they have won lots of new customers and, purely down to the quality of their work and the extremely high level of customer service, those clients have kept coming back time after time.

As the company has grown, the two directors began to feel that the website didn’t really tell the story of the business or the work it did or the people behind it. After nearly two months in development with some of the UK’s best web designers and copy writers, OES now really has a website that reflects what it is as a business and what it has achieved.

So, what can you expect from the new website?

More and more case studies…

We’ve started with five of our most favourite projects for our new website case studies. Five jobs that really challenged us and our team here. Of course, as you’d expect, they all had a happy ending and our client was genuinely delighted. As time goes on, we’ll be adding many more for you to review.

News blog posts

We love blog posts on other sites and we thought it was high time to have one on ours.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll tell you what we’re up to in our daily work, we’ll post profiles of some of the great guys and girls we have here at OES, and lots more. It’s great to be able to keep up to date with suppliers, customers, and friends in business – a blog is a great way to do that and we can’t wait to share all the goings-on here at our company.


We’re putting into place a monthly newsletter for our clients, customers and suppliers. It’ll be a superb way to touch base with you on a regular basis. We’ll also point you to new blog posts and developments on our site.

2017 is going to be a huge year for OES and for all our valued clients, customers, suppliers, and partners. Thanks for all your support since 2010 – it’s very much appreciated.

To get in touch with OES, please call 0121 285 1980 or email