Here at OES we understand the value and reassurance gained from carrying out a structural survey. Our experienced team can’t overstate the importance of making sure that you have a tailored structural survey undertaken to meet your specific requirements, whether:

  • you are looking to purchase or lease a residential or commercial property for peace of mind on the building’s structural stability and longevity
  • there are concerns of structural instability or inadequacy
  • you plan to modify or remodel your building and require advice on feasibility of structural modifications.

We offer structural surveys to homeowners and businesses in the West Midlands, London, and throughout the UK.

For homeowners, purchasing a house is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you will ever make. With property prices increasing on an almost month-by-month basis, it’s something you can’t afford to overlook. If there’s something deeply wrong and you miss it, when you come to sell, the costs associated making your property fit for your buyer’s mortgage company to lend on could run into tens of thousands of pounds. Sometimes, more.

Our homeowner structural survey is a thorough, expert inspection carried out with a focused eye on structural stability and a commitment to in-depth due diligence.

Let us come to you and inspect the house you want to buy or sell.

With OES’s domestic property structural survey, we visit the property and carry out a thorough initial visual, non-intrusive inspection. We follow with a report on our findings, giving you recommendations for remediation and repair. We’ll also point you to areas where we feel there should be further investigation.

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For businesses looking to purchase or assess suitability of a premises for use, the need for a commercial structural survey is even greater.

Our team will inform you of any structural defect or damage to the building you want to base your business in. We’ll be completely thorough, examining the structural fabric of the building including any suspected building movement.

OES’s surveyors are experts in historical construction techniques and refurbishment design. They have a deep understanding of structural behaviour and they’re able to assess the most likely causes for structural defects, structural movement, and the consequences to you of structural damage.

As with our domestic survey, we provide you first with a visual, non-intrusive inspection when we visit the property. Following that, we send a report on what we found. In that report, we’ll recommend remediation and repairs. There may also be other areas of concern, although not immediate, that may require a more in-depth examination.

A commercial structural survey gives you peace of mind. It shows you whether the building is worth what you’re willing to pay for it. It gives the lender peace of mind who you want to provide you with a commercial mortgage.

Surveys are just as important if you’re leasing property. You protect yourself against damage claims which prevent you from leaving the lease either at a break point or at the end of the term. Landlords have a variety of options and tactics open to them, backed by solicitors, to stop you from leaving a lease. Many of those strategies are based around the condition of the property. By having a full structural survey carried out by OES’s team, your company will be prepared and ready to meet and overcome spurious claims that you have not met the terms and conditions of the exit section of your lease.

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