OES has a significant in-house 3D and BIM modelling system capability. And clients gain greatly from the benefits of having trained, experienced staff with real-world experience combined with an aptitude for using ground-breaking software packages like Tekla Structural Designer, CADS and AutoCAD.

Clarity in a more complex world

Client visions, architectural plans, build costs, and building regulations all must be finely balanced by your consulting engineer. Quite often, and for very different reasons, different stakeholders insist on different things which may be impossible to bring together.

This battle of ideas will, many times, require that architects and consulting engineers have to submit several different designs to their client. Using the traditional manual method is incredibly time-consuming and costly.

Using 3D modelling will help you see and better understand what is feasible and what isn’t feasible with your project. That greater involvement and understanding of both the architectural and engineering aspects of your project puts you more in control of both costs and outcome.

Real collaboration between stakeholders

With the range of 3D modelling packages OES uses, your project can be worked on by multiple users. They can either be OES colleagues or the other parties involved in your project over the internet. With this sharing of knowledge and access to exactly the same information, there’s much better insight and understanding of your project as a whole.

Working together in this way demonstrably improves the quality of the work on your project. It’s much more accurate and stays much truer to your and your architect’s original design concepts. The finished building reflects much closer the original vision you intended.

Better end results with BIM

At OES, we see extremely positive outcomes time and time again for our clients through the use of Building Information Management (BIM) software. BIM is a 3D modelling system for the planning, design, construction, and management of buildings.

From vision to construction to usage, BIM is used by architects, consulting engineers, builders, fabricators, and contractors as a central, accurate and reliable store of information about a building at all points in time.

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By choosing OES, you access the very best team of consulting engineers with access to state-of-the-art software.

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