Refurbishing an existing building is all about realising the full potential of what you have. The most inspirational projects are led by a client’s needs and imagination. And here at OES, we use our wealth of knowledge to achieve the most effective structural solutions needed to create amazing transformations in buildings both internally and externally.

A refurbishment project is sensitive to the client’s needs, and the needs of the people who live or work in a location long after the construction teams have gone. Underpinning the achievement of a successful refurbishment are the structural integrity survey and designs delivered by OES.

Our structural designs exactly compliment and convey the pre-finish aesthetics that the client demands. Before and through the build, we work closely with the architect, the building services design team, cost consultants, and the contractors to deliver a price efficient and fully integrated structural solution, which is practical to execute within the constraints of the existing building.

A rich background helping customers with various needs

For homeowners, the structural solutions we offer add real value to your largest and most important asset. Whether you’re re-configuring the size of rooms or greatly adding to floor space with a major extension, our accredited team of structural professionals will provide you with the support, guidance, and expertise needed right from the start of your project. We bring innovative, cost-effective structural solutions tailored exactly to your project, enabling you to save time and money throughout.

For commercial clients, OES always delivers. Whether yours is an office, a retail unit, a garage or leisure venue, it’s a big project needing OES’s structural insights, expertise and designs. For companies, big investments like this serve two purposes – a) the staff love their new environment and b) customers feel welcomed and gain reassurance by how superb your business looks. Working with us, your invested levels of money and time are minimised with the bespoke and practical structural solutions we bring to your project.

For clients in the health sector, our bespoke solutions have been used in both large and small projects in hospitals, care homes, hospices, and GP practices. Working with other important suppliers, we provide individual structural plans for all types of spaces so that the various end uses intended can be successfully delivered.

We also work extensively in the schools sector. We have been heavily involved on a variety of school refurbishment and remodelling projects, ranging from simple change of internal teaching area configurations to the installation and integration of multi-storey teaching and leisure blocks. Given recent education budget cuts, we’re acutely aware of the cost-driven nature of refurbishment within schools. OES’s team of talented, solutions-drive consulting engineers ensure that the structural design proposals we present are efficient, practical and financially realistic.

Advice and design on refurbishment and structural alterations from a customer-support-driven team with your interests at heart

Let us know what you want. Share with us how you see the space being transformed. Send us your architectural drawings and reports detailing exactly what is required for your project.

There is a vast depth of experience across different projects and challenges in OES’s team. With each drawing or report you send us, we consider how to complete what you want from every possible angle, taking into consideration the buildability, impact on temporary works solutions, time, and budget.

We’ll come back to you with an easy-to-read and fully-detailed proposal including a quote, the services we offer and our guidance in the design process. If you’re happy with what we’ve proposed, we can get to work straight away on your behalf.

From the West Midlands, London and across the UK, OES offers the full existing building refurbishment service. We can even provide our services on very short notice to help you complete your project.

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