OES’s team has worked for customers in the commercial, educational, industrial, retail, leisure, sports, healthcare, residential, and transport sectors as well as for local authorities. As a company, this is our core sector, and, as a customer, you’ll appreciate how much effort, time and dedication we put in to making sure your project hits every goal set.

Our structural engineering design division uses the very latest in building information modelling systems, including 2D and 3D CAD modelling. Our knowledgeable staff are also just as at home with the design of traditional materials when required for listed buildings and structures.

OES’s market-leading structural engineering design service is customised for your development. We will undertake an initial assessment of your building structure, to carefully assess the most appropriate and cost effective materials to construct your building. We have a wealth of design experience with all primary construction materials such as:

  • Concrete framed structures,
  • Hot rolled and light gauge cold rolled
  • Steel framed structures
  • Load bearing masonry structures
  • Timber-framed structure.
  • Aluminium structures
  • Glass structures

Innovative foundation solutions

The team at OES have extensive experience in building foundation structural engineering design to bring to your project. Our customers and partners always challenge us to think of inventive, secure, out-of-the-box solutions to reduce time and build expenditure.

We are highly experienced in assessing and interrogating soil investigations for the execution of foundation design. This often-underappreciated part of the construction process is vital as it provides the very base upon which your project is secured. Failure to get this process right adds cost and complexity to any construction project.

After we have presented you with the results, we then advice on the structural impact of choosing strip, trench, raft or pile basements for the building. Once agreed, we work in partnership with you and other stakeholders on the structural features of the rest of your project.

Working closely with clients – we’re accountable and available

Valued clients look to involve us in the structural engineering design process as early as possible. This is for very good reason. By being part of the project from the off, we can make recommendations to you about the best and most efficient structural options with which you can complete your project.

We’re there to work with your builders and in liaison with your local council’s Building Control requirements. Whenever they need them, we can send them all necessary structural and job-related calculations, drawings and details.

Cost control at all stages

OES strongly believes in and practises value engineering, right from the initial feasibility study.

We’re there to help you keep build times and costs down to the absolute minimum. We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve the speed of construction and make the most out of the materials used during the work.

Successful project delivery

The company and the team have built a strong reputation in the West Midlands, London, and around the UK for the successful delivery of a wide range of projects, from the simple to the complex.

Pick up the phone now and call our structural engineering design teams on 0121 285 1980. Alternatively, email us direct on info@o-e-s.co.uk.