OES’s directors and team bring years of experience on challenging projects of all types in civil engineering design. You’ll find no team more committed or hard-working to meeting and exceeding every goal you set for us.

A full suite of civil engineering design disciplines

We’re proven and reliable experts in all aspects of civil engineering and civil engineering design. Whichever of the following areas you want us to work on, we’ll ensure that the most experienced team member with that discipline oversees the design service for your important project in:

  • Private and public drainage design,
  • Earthwork remodelling and optimum site relevelling,
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions,
  • Flooding risk assessments, and
  • External structures and hard landscaping construction design

OES provides cutting-edge flood mitigation design, drainage and Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions

OES’s flood mitigation and drainage design service is retained by our valued clients because of the combination of our team members’ considerable experience and the adoption of the latest industry standard computer modelling software.

Clients benefit from our flooding risk assessment service, particularly in situations where a site requires a specialist drainage strategy to meet planning, Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) or Environment Agency (EA) statutory authority requirements. Our onsite team member will work through potential problems with you, making sure that each problem is matched with a cost-effective, working solution to protect the environment and meet the planners, LLFA and EA requirements.

OES implements Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), with an aim to reduce surface water flooding, improve water quality and enhance the amenity and biodiversity value of the environment.

Design and detailing of external areas around new buildings and sites

Using state-of-the-art 3D modelling software, OES looks forward to helping you with:

  • External paved areas,
  • Surface water assessment including new drainage, attenuation and sewer diversions,
  • Enabling works so that development can get started, and
  • Topography and ground modelling of site levels to ensure the volume of material removed from site is minimised.

Simplicity and cost-consciousness at the forefront of our civil engineering design

Whether you want us to work on a temporary or permanent work design, or plan the best route to get to the end of a contract, OES aims to reduce complexity and cost at every stage of your development.

We do this through a close working partnership with you and your design team. We look to constantly innovate so that challenges and obstacles to quick, efficient, effective progress are removed without delay and without fuss.

Get OES involved in your civil engineering design. Pick up the phone now and call us on 0121 285 1980. Alternatively, email us direct on info@o-e-s.co.uk.