What was the project OES worked on?

One of our biggest ever projects, the High Road development is a nine-storey mixed use development worth £15 million.

With approximately 13,400m2 of floor area, this was the largest space we had ever developed. A huge and challenging opportunity for OES, we were excited about working on it and it was something the team proved their industry-leading abilities on.

This impressive building is prominently situated by the Seven Kings train station. Containing 112 one and two bed apartments, a two-storey car park, offices, and a banquet suite, this project was enormous.

And with our experience and skilled execution, our client continues to enjoy the benefits from our involvement in this project.

The services we provided

Structural, civil engineering & BIM modelling

What we did at the project

We used reinforced ground beams and pile can arrangements to form the substructure for this project. This was supported by CFA concrete piles.

Adapting to the environment around the property, we especially designed our ground beams along the eastern boundary to cantilever over an existing shallow Thames Water asset. By doing this, we were able to support the nine-storey structure without damaging any pipework.

The substructure of our project was comprised of a two-storey reinforced concrete frame. We also used a flat slab transfer structure to support the lightweight metal frame structure above.

OES’ need for sustainability for all of our projects is evident in our below ground drainage systems. We incorporated SUDS principles to control the amount of surface water run-off reaching the public sewer.

We also used attenuation tanks and flow control devises to temporarily hold the excess water, which is then released at a reduced rate.

What the most challenging aspect of the job was

This project’s substructure made it seem destined not to happen.

Upon starting the job, we discovered sewer lines along the north-east boundary, Network Rail along the North, and power cables along the Western boundary. There seemed like there were few options.

OES’s idea to use cantilevered foundations was the breakthrough for our client. This carefully thought-out, cost-effective solution that we proposed completely satisfied the building brief. It meant we were able to support the entire structure effectively despite the complications.

After the work

“This has been such a momentous project for OES” according to Director and OES project lead Nathan Garbett.

“I’ve been really pleased by and proud of the team’s adaptability and their commitment to this project. It’s been a difficult job, but we love it when our clients give us real challenges.”

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