Business has been increasing rapidly of late. We’ve brought more experts on board to join the team in the past few months and that’s because we’ve got so many valuable clients to help and projects to work on.

Our new website has recently launched and it’s bringing in more business by the day. So, what’s next for OES?

oes-officeAs much as we love our current office, where it all began, it’s getting rather cramped. We’re eager to have enough space for all our clients and customers to enjoy when you visit us.

There’s no other choice – we’ll be moving into a new, larger, tailor-made office!

Have you ever heard the expression “too many cooks spoil the broth?”

Imagine a company full of people who structurally design buildings for a living trying to design their office together. It’s worse than you could ever imagine! We covered everything style from bare essential minimalism to total-but-tasteful extravagance. But now we have finally agreed on a design that will WOW you when you walk through the door.

After six years in the business, we wanted something that reflected us. Where OES started out, the journey we have been on, and how we see our future. We feel we have achieved the new office really gets that across and can’t wait to share it with you.

OES is business built on development. Of all kinds. This next step in our business story will help us improve our service to you.

You are invited to our Grand Opening Celebration! We’ll give you the grand tour, and a peek into our plans for the months and years to come. It’ll be a magnificent champagne reception – close-but-not-quite to Ferrero Roche diplomatic ambassador party standards!

We believe that this latest change in OES will help the way we do business. Being surrounded by everything that we represent will push us forward in our work and develop us further as a company.

The new OES office will have the very best facilities. It’s there for our clients to visit, talk to us, and discuss what projects they might be thinking of. Our door is always open to you, our respected clientele. You can come by any time.

Come visit us! Our new address is:
OES Consulting
Dudley Court
31 The Inhedge
West Midlands